Hello world, indeed.

The greatest challenge of a writer is to capture a moment in time, in all its details, observations and mishaps, before it begins its journey towards the graveyard of lost memories.

So much has happened in the past few years and with each new experience, comes a renewed resolution to write about it. However, time waits for no one, and many self-made promises have fallen to the wayside. Therefore, this is my attempt to seize those moments before they begin their likely disintegration into a mass of blurred details and rambling narratives. The goal of this online travel journal is not only to share my experiences of a foreigner living in Berlin, Germany and my future voyage to South Korea, but also to write about my  travels through Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, Europe, Australia and North America. I suppose if “Looking for Lola” is seeking anything, its to find new angles, new chapters and maybe, just maybe, a place to call home.

With so many travel journals, websites and blogs, I suppose a valid and likely question would be: “Why would I want to read this?” Aside from the fact the media has transformed us into a voyeuristic society, I suppose that the answer is really…well, up to you. Maybe it’s because you’ve been in my shoes or would like to know more about living and traveling abroad. Maybe it’s because you’re just like me-lost and wrapped up in existentialist confusion, or maybe you’re not even remotely similar and are curious to read a different worldview. Heck, maybe you were just bored and stumbled upon this site. Whatever the reason, if you’ve gotten to this part of the page, thank you for reading. The fragile and frightfully insecure ego of this writer is grateful for an audience.


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