On writer’s block…

Writer’s Block…

Is there such a thing? Faced with an amazing opportunity that could be my “BIG” break, I’ve stumbled upon a wall–myself. In the past, I’ve always found excuses on why I couldn’t do such-and-such, from lack of time to having to focus on my dead-end job, there was always some major obstacle that stood in the way of my writing success. However, now that I’m jobless, directionless and penniless, all that I really do have is this blank screen and time. Lots of it. So what’s my problem? When it really does count, can I really “walk-the-walk”?

Jenny Lewis, the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, once crooned about this very issue in the song “It’s a Hit” stating “Your writer’s block don’t mean shit/just throw it against the wall and see what sticks!” The aptly titled Todayiwrite.com expresses the different frustrations that come with this self-diagnosed disease. The writer, David Jung McGarva (interesting that his middle name is “Jung”) quotes Thomas Mann who said that “a writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” Maybe that is what separates the job of writing from glorified letters to mom—its characteristically painful, scary, daunting, challenging, thankless but above all, it’s exhilirating.


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