A Quick Note on Filipino Resilience, TRAPO (Traditional Politics) and Society

Yes, Filipino resilience is
something to be proud about. But what’s sad is that we are
continously put into a position where we HAVE to be “resilient”.
When are we going to say “TAMA NA!!! That’s ENOUGH!”??
Let’s stop… turning the other cheek. Let’s stop being satisfied with
the “lesser evil”. Let’s raise our standards. I think we
are just as guilty as these crooked politicians and this messed up
system. We are just as responsible because we continue to rationalize
and excuse bad behaviour. We allow these people and this flailing
floundering system to hinder us from achieving our full potential as
a country. Maybe one day instead of just being proud of our
‘resilience,’ we can say that we are proud to be a people who finally
put their foot down and demanded for a better life and future as a

Enough with the martyr complex. Let’s not forget, we were once warriors before we were slaves.

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