Questions (First Published December 8, 2008)

Who do you miss?
What makes you sad?
Do you walk with your head towards the sky
or bowed down
to the ground?
What do you think about before you slip into sleep?
Why are you here?
Do you remember the day I went away?
What did the dandelion clock taste like,
as they invaded your lips?
Why are you here?
What are your thoughts on tiny tangerines?
Do you think we'll be lovers?
Do you sleep with your socks on?
What do you like about snow?
Do you ever think about your first kiss?
Was it under an apple tree
Or hidden behind the shelves in a German library?
Have you come out unscathed?
Do you flit happily or drag your feet?
Could I be your Mrs. Robinson?
Why Korea?
Why did you laugh?
Should I have kissed you?
As people sipped their wines
grassy meadow
tickling our bare legs
What dont you know?
Will you kiss me?
Will you make me coffee in the morning,
or is tea more your thing?
Do I confuse you?
Will you frustrate me?
I think you will.
Can we go back to the silent graves
and disappear between the shadows and moonlight?
Will you talk to me as you sleep?
Can I conquer you,
as you have claimed victory over me?
What train line do you take?
Who are you?
What do you remember?
Will you remember?
What were you thinking as our trains
sped away
on their separate directions?
Are we trains?
chugging along
twisting and turning
direction unknown

                                      Will you remember the first of May?

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