Saturday (First Published December 8, 2008)

Your face is a stage
with two-chocolate hued actors
dancing the dance
of weariness and indifference
hidden in their movements
mischief and youth

I saw you glance my way
once, maybe twice
my invisible shield thwarted
it was an accident
a brief moment
of awe
left me shaking
at the discovery

I have been apprehended

the lance
that found its way
to the joints
of the armor of my dispassion

A recognition
my anemic voice could never utter
a pride
that would not allow me to speak

A second
that raptured for hours
in dreams
invading all

I see you
yet never saw you
you were never considered

a split second
I concealed
a clendestine affair
with only one in attendance

that afternoon felt fixed
chatter invaded my solemn sovereignity
a turn of the head

grabbed me by the shoulders
and slapped me to the ground
a quick breath
that never exhaled

You stood
at peace
looking down upon a stack of books
arranging, organizing
neglected mahogany
fallen forward

your coat fell
what was left
was a boy
playing with his new toys
arranging, organizing

I could never consider you

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