Kindness Through the Wires

These days, when we need to fix things like banking account issues, we’re often forced to deal with the robotic eerie voices of the machine recordings. And when we are able to establish human contact, the other person is either completely disinterested in helping you, will give you improper information so that they can dash off or pass you on to another mechanical operator.

However, today, I talked to someone who went out her way to help me out.

I have been trying to resolve some online banking issues for months now and in a few minutes, she was able to fix it and showed extreme patience, kindness and understanding. At this moment, I love her. I want to hug her and invite her over for dinner. Alas, probably a million miles away or maybe in a call center somewhere…but I’m sending her the best vibrations that I can.

Therefore, this photo is dedicated to her:

I wish I knew her name.

I wish you countless days of blue skies and big smiles

Moments to run

Walk onwards over the clouds

Plucking up stars

and hang out with the moon


Good company

moments of gentle laughter

fill your days

And kindness returned to you

For the goodness you have shown

to a stranger

I wish I knew your name.


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