Photography Finalist: “Your Changing Asia” (The Asia Foundation)

To check out the photos of the selected winner and finalists,

click here.

Will I forever be cursed as “Micha-too-late”?

After weeks of not touching my flickr account, I opened my homepage and found a message from the Asia Foundation Flickr administrator. It said:

“Hi, I’m the admin for the Your Changing Asia: 2010 Photo Contest and I wanted to let you know that this photo made it to our top 6! Congratulations on being a finalist! If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook where our fans are voting for one week for the top photo. Also, we would love to learn a bit more about the finalists. Can you add us as a contact so that we can email you? Congrats and good luck!”

….dated six weeks ago.


Granted, I’m kicking myself for letting a lot of things pile up (though I had completely forgotten that I had entered), I’m still floored that my photograph was chosen as a finalist. (And I’m sure as heck not going to complain about that!).

So here’s to unexpected gifts from the universe and the many open doors and windows just waiting to be knocked on (or kicked open).


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