Friday Finds to Get You Through This Complex Sphere of Life

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Ah…the weekend is here again.

…what the heck took it so long?

Happy Earth Day…whatever that means.

I read a quote that made me LOL (Lay Off Liquor):

“Maybe this world is another planet’s Hell.” — Aldous Huxley

But then again, Mr. Huxley is the man who wrote about a global orgy, so I only think of that quote on my ‘mental breakdown’ days.

On good days, I think of one of Mama Earth’s most wonderful gifts – the marijuana plant.

Not that I’m advocating drugs, mind you. But I did find this interesting article about the history of 420. Check out the piece here.

One of my favorite travel memories is stumbling upon a Pot parade in Rome. I was checking my mail in an Internet café when I heard the sound of drums growing louder and louder.


I went out to investigate and just around the bend, there it was – a hoard of people banding together, pulling out their bongs, rolling huge cannabis cones and calling out for the legalization of marijuana. There were several party buses, vans and trucks giving playing heart-stopping techno beats as they handed out glasses of beer.

The smoky protest (or better yet, parade) snaked through all the tourist spots in the city – from the train station to the coliseum. Visitors looked down their hotel windows. Parents shook their heads as their teenage children looked on, whimpering with envy and desire — saying every prayer, to every god, to every lucky star that they could somehow sneak away and join the party.

Needless to say, I must head back to Rome.

But if you’ve been seeking ways to snap into action (rather than chillllllllllll out) then this quick little productivity “nugget” may just be the thing you need.

And if that post was too “life coach-y” for ya, then Marc Angel’s “Productivity Advice in Five Words or Less” may just be the mindhack you need.

If you’re a freelancer, then you know that assessing one’s career development can be challenging. Lori Widmer’s article not only reminds freelancers to review their progress, but also how to give oneself an honest, constructive performance review.

via Lost-in-the-Post (Tumblr)

Now, if you’ve revved yourself up with too much caffeine and messed up your Arcadian rhythm, then here’s a good tip – explore your city at night. (Be safe, of course). Robert Lowell’s poem, “Skunk Hour” narrates his foray into the dark, seedy life of a twilight walk through the metropolis. (Of course, the poem can be analysed more thoroughly than the previous explanation, but that have to be done on a future post.)

Here’s a great photo essay from the NYT showcasing the late night adventures of an insomniac.

And to end on a lighter note, did you know that Kermit is the ultimate traveler? Talk about a muppet vagabond. Check out photos of his adventures here.

via Kermit on Tour (Flickr)

So how about some music? Here’s a video by one of my favourite Filipino bands, Up Dharma Down (and they’ll be playing tonight at Saguijo!)

Oh and psssssssssst……………………

a new Banksy piece found in San Francisco’s Chinatown! (Are you going to watch the Banksy docu, “Exit through the Gift Shop”? )


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  1. lol, I think I’ll be back… the PoeWar link is actually to an article Lori Widmer did for me on – John does great work; So does Lori… thanks for the line no matter what.

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