Into the Valley of the “Vigo”

Photo by Bert Bainto,

Photo by Bert Bainto, (All Rights Reserved)

Crank up the “Vigo” Volume

Challenging mainstream musical conventions, Vigo combines jazz, rock, traditional pinoy balladry (kundiman), modern beats, and a dash of folk to create their own unique sound.

With each artist having already forged their own reputations in the Manila soundscape, Vigo is more than just your run-of-the-mill garage band.

Vigo is a collective.

Each band member contributes his or her own distinct musical history and personality to create a sound that merges the traditional with the experimental. The result? A successful array of haunting melodies in honor of broken hearts, lost souls and fragmented memories.

Broken down and reconstructed, each song plays to the varied repercussions of the heart.

Khavn De La Cruz: vox, piano
Kakoy Legaspi: guitars
Tao Aves: vox
Franz Magat: bass
Caliph8: sampler, drum machine, turntables
Paolo Manuel: drums

Management: Annabs Sanchez

Photos: Travel, rock and lifestyle photographer, Bert Bainto.

EP: BANG! (Jul 2010)


Music & Lyrics by Khavn De La Cruz

Find out more by checking their facebook page as well as their music site (


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