Wandering Through Berlin

I always looked forward to weekends in Berlin. Those were the days I would allow myself to wander. I’d even purposefully let myself get lost: If the way home was to turn right, I would go left. Whether it was a perfect day or freezing out, whether I was gung-ho, hungover, or just feeling plain lazy, I would force myself to step out of the apartment and explore the city. And Berlin is a city for those with a taste for the unusual: industrial-style playgrounds, walls covered in graffiti art, Soviet-kitsch buildings, bullet-ridden facades, hidden compounds littered with strange sculptures. Each day always came with the discovery of something bizarre yet awe-inspiring.

I moved around a lot in Berlin. In the year that I spent in Berlin, I lived in five different apartments in the districts of Prenzlauer Berg (Gleimstraße, Dänenstraße, Marienburger Straße), Neukölln and Moabit (Stormstraße). Thus, each new place—with their own distinct look and atmosphere—served as a launchpad for a day of exploration.

Prenzlauer Berg

Here are a few images of places and items that are uniquely Berlin:

A Beach Bar in Berlin


Futuristic (yet creepy) looking apartment building

The neighborhood...jail


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