The Boxcutters: A Wasteland for the Wild, the Wicked, and the Weird

Photo by Lola Abrera

“The Boxcutters” ( is a blog dedicated to those brave enough to live life according to their own rules.

Here’s what ‘The Boxcutters’ is all about:

Graffiti artist Banksy once said, “Think from outside the box, collapse it, and take a fucking knife to it.”  We at Boxcutters are fueled by a desire to break down, tear up, and rip apart the confines set by society. Boxcutters is a blog that aims to cut through the bullshit. It’s a site dedicated to those who have never fit in, “the round pegs in the square holes.” It’s a site that aims to honor the people who have shaken up the status quo, refusing to abide by the definitions set by the public at large and have, instead, chosen to live life on their own terms—without apology, without fear, and without regret.

Boxcutters is a place for those eager to provoke the greater consciousness. Boxcutters are those whom society has dismissed and called as insane, rabble-rousers, punks, or hopeless dreamers. A ‘boxcutter’–artist, writers, revolutionaries–will be featured each week. With posts updated every Friday, the entire week will showcase articles, photos, music, and videos of the featured boxcutter.

Photo by Lola Abrera

First up, a week of Lester Bangs! Check out the hilarious yet insightful piece by guest writer John Jayvee del Rosario, who is also the singer and drummer for the Manila-based folk-punk band, The Sleepyheads. Needless to say, he’s an authority on Lester Bangs and all things rock ‘n’ roll.

In no particular order, here are a few ‘boxcutters’ you can look forward to saturating yourself with for 2012: Lester Bangs, Andy Warhol, The Sleepyheads, Truman Capote, David Lynch, Miranda July, Tracey Emin, Romeo Lee, Christopher Hitchens, Hunter S. Thompson, Morrissey, Alfred Hitchcock, The Velvet Underground, Hugh Hefner, Bob Dylan, George Carlin, Cindy Sherman, William S. Burroughs, PUNK! (all things PUNK-related), Malcolm McDowell, Marilyn Monroe (yes, really…you’ll see why), Jeanette Winterson, Ian McEwan, Malcolm X , Saul Williams, Wong Kar-Wai, Werner Herzog, Stanley Kubrick, Michel Gondry, Roald Dahl, Harvey Pekar, MAD Magazine (the ‘good years’ of Alfred E. Neuman), Stan Brakhage, Richard Pryor, Daniel Johnston, Patti Smith, Alan Moore, Banksy, Ingrid Bergman, Bjork, Marlon Brando, Man Ray, Dada (movement), Orson Welles, Pablo Picasso, Gus Van Sant, Christopher Isherwood, Aung San Suu Kyi , Jim Henson, Ernest Hemingway, David Foster Wallace, Jack Kerouac, Bruce Lee, Damien Hirst….and much more.

Welcome…to the Outside.

Photo by Lola Abrera


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