Snapshots of Life Captured on Google Street View

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Featured previously, artist Jon Rafman’s ongoing Nine Eyes of Google Street View project continues to find fascinating glimpses of life, cityscapes and landscapes through the nine cameras (eyes) mounted to the tops of Google cars that are mapping the world. The ‘all-seeing’ eyes capture whatever moves through their frame every 10-20 meters.

As Rafman explains:

“The detached gaze of their cameras witness but do not act in history. Street View photography, artless and indifferent, without human intention, ascribes no particular significance to any event or person. Bereft of context, history or meaning, the only glue holding the Street View images together is geospatial contiguity. Such a perspective does not easily contain the sublime.” [Source (PDF)]


Below you will find an updated gallery of snapshots Rafman has taken since the Sifter last featured his work in August 2012 (almost a year to the day!). Rafman is…

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