Friday Finds to Get You Through This Complex Sphere of Life

Well, hello there
My, it’s been a long, long time
And how am I doin’?
Oh I guess that I’m doin’ fine

Well, it’s been been so long now
But it seems now, that it was only yesterday
Gee, ain’t it funny how time just slips away?

I started this blog over seven years ago, and as Ol’ Willy sang, “But it seems now, that it was only yesterday / Gee, ain’t it funny how time just slips away?”

I started Looking for Lola when I was an adventurous, easily excitable, freewheelin’, freelancing, anxious and angst-ridden wanderer in her early twenties. I guess not much has changed. (Well, I’ve cut down on being “anxious and angst-ridden.)

However, what I do regret is not keeping this blog updated, save for a few photo albums or travel stories here and there. I started this blog a few months before I was going to leave Berlin and move back to Manila. Now, seven odd years later, I’ll be packing up and heading off to a new adventure, so I cant help but take stock. I was also looking through some old notebooks and found a list of things that I had wanted to do, places I wanted to visit, how I would travel, and the life that I had hoped to lead. I completely forgot about that list, but reading it again, I realized that, for the most part, most of what I had hoped for had come true—in ways that I did not at all expect. I won’t recap what I’ve done so far, but you can check out my new landing site or my portfolio of selected work (writing) at if you’re curious (hey, you need a writer/traveler/nut? Look no further! I’m your gal.)

So, just to get my feet wet, I’m resurrecting one of my favorite topics: Friday Finds to Get You Through This Complex Sphere of Life. Yes, I know the title is a mouthful and that it doesn’t make much sense but I had always had fun with it. The Internet is such a vast, strange, and kooky new world–there’s so much to discover, analyze, and conquer.

Here, meme-free finds to get you through this week :

First, if night has fallen in your part of the world, you should look up. Werewolves and Wiccans will enjoy the Friday the 13th “honey moon.” No, it’s not the name of a far out, trippy, hippie concert, but what scientists (oh, scientists…) call the phenomenon when the moon appears to take on a hypnotic shade of amber. Check out National Geographic’s post for an in-depth explanation. Fun fact: The last time a honey moon coincided with Friday the 13th was on June 13, 1919.

Image from National Geographic (link included in post)

Image from National Geographic (link included in post)

Speaking of 1919, if you want to learn a few things about looking cool and confident, you should check out the Instagram account Fashion Grandpa. I found this through Messy Nessy Chic, one of my favorite blogs. Nessy features everything and anything offbeat and awesome.

Image from Fashion Grandpas

Image from Fashion Grandpas

Regardless of how you feel about former President George H.W. Bush’s politics or leadership, there’s no denying that he’s one gutsy grandpa. At 90 years old—wheelchair-bound and struggling with Parkinson’s—the 41st US president and former aviator jumped out of a helicopter. This birthday tradition started when Bush senior turned 75. He continued to parachute out of helicopters every five years since then. So, if you ever needed a sign to get off your butt and take the leap, this is it.

However, a heart-pounding adventure that I wouldn’t mind missing out on is an unexpected shark encounter. This guy did and lived to tell about it. (Or, is this a creative, sneaky ad for GoPro? You tell me. Scary either way.)

Other awesome finds worth your time:

Love street art? I’m obsessed (massive long post on the topic coming soon…or, well, one day).

If you go nutty over tags or creative yet mysterious scrawlings, artworks, and urban interventions, then you’ll love exploring Google’s Street Art Project, which, thanks to a custom-designed panoramic camera, aims to document these ever-changing urban artworks. In fact, the project includes over 5,000 high-res images and even features “pieces” that no longer exist.

But if you want to fall in love with one specific street artist, then you should check out Art is Trash, or El Arte Es Basura in Spanish,whose work can be seen all over the streets of Barcelona. I’m actually peeved about this. Not at the artist or the writer, but at myself. I saw his work in Barcelona last year. I knew, I just knew that there was something to it. I’m just upset that I didn’t pitch it or do anything about it. Lesson learned: Don’t ignore your instincts.

Photograph by Lola Abrera

Photograph by Lola Abrera

Then again, I could always shift careers and become a ruin-hunter like Ivan Puig and Andres Padilla Domene, who built a car and roared through Mexico’s abandoned railway lines. The images are astounding.

And, to seamlessly segway into a somewhat related topic…

Speaking of “astounding images”, check out the images from the 8th iPhone Photography Awards. You’ll pretty much want to quit your day job and become an iPhone photographer. Does this mean that DSLRs are on their way out? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, here are a few things to see and do this week:

June 12 – 15 – Sónar Festival (progressive music and multimedia arts), Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain

June 14 – Found Festival, Haggerston Park, London

June 14 – 15 – Playboy Jazz Festival, Los Angeles

June 16, 23, 30 – HBO Bryant Park Film Festival, New York City

June 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28 – Last Remaining Seats (classic films in historic theaters and a variety of live entertainment), Los Angeles

June 20 – Amnesia Rockfest, Quebec, Canada

Happy Friday the 13th!

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    • Hey Matt! How are you? I’ll be moving back to Germany. Well, fingers (and toes!) crossed! How about you? How’s life been treating you? =)

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